Thursday, September 4, 2014

Freedom From Compulsion

There was a time when you sat the day out, pondering on the next fix. Wondering where all the people who once cared about have gone. Imagining the feeling you are suppose to feel instead of really feeling them. Trying to force your tears when your intellect knows you should cry. Driven by compulsion and obsession. In a spiral of self-deceit and social destruction. Killing every ounce of humanity within you just to chase a momentary romance with a chemical. A chemical that eats you, eats your thoughts, eats your flesh. Eats eats eats. A compulsive parasite you give into and you become.

Don't despair. There is hope for you. Unless you believe it. Believe in miracles. Unless you break away from your narrow pessimistic view of the world, created by your self-obsession, forever you shall walk blind. Towards the edge, towards death. Or worse, towards insanity. Away from Love, away from salvation.

Don't despair. Believe. A Higher Power can restore you. Can give you your freedom. Can give you yourself. There is freedom from compulsion. And it starts with brutal honesty to your self. The day there is no greater high than living life for others becomes your passion. It would be a day of great realization. A great truth. Which has always been there, hidden underneath the layers of filth and hatred and anger, created by your chemical companion. Created to lead you astray from life.