Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's There To Say When Life Tells It All?

You choose your own way when your faith is lost in the way the way the world is teaching you.

We are definitely not meant to understand all this that's happening around us. So are we all suppose to be incomprehensible? The 69 dollar question: Why are we alive?

To follow path of a teaching handed down from generation to generation?

Or is our goal in life to be a success, get fame or make loads of money? To be cool?

Or is there a nirvana hiding somewhere there? I do not know.

What I do know is all this love as well as the shit that's been thrown at us is neither bad nor good. People die everyday, yet it's not me. Do I need to feel guilty because I don't cherish my life with all my heart and soul?

I tracked through mud and water 3km jn a far away village in Tamil Nadu called Poombarai. People guided me through the moss filled paths and dung trodden route to a place where a 'tourist' like mecan find a place to sleep.

The last boy who guided me got all indignant when I tried to offer him 10 Rupees. Nobody wanted a penny for guiding me. In a lonely hut on the route a lady offered me water which reminded me how a mother would. It was beautiful experience., human compassion at it's most basic. Just simplicity.
 A leech got me, found it a day after the track. It seems they suck the toxins in the blood. Mine looked pretty small, guess the toxins killed it too quickly,
Coming through, make way!

But it all started in a whole different way. At a place the world knows as Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, India.

Someone recently called me an agnostic. And I thought I was an atheist. I had to find out the difference. Well my English vocabulary shouldn't be the reason you are reading this right now. :)

VATTAKANAL - Heaven turned into Hell

I would like to tell a story, a story about a man who forgot what the father of his nation did. And Gandhi's photo is on every Indian Rupee notes. It's to remind Indians by looking at the money what he did for them. Or is it to make people greedy and let it be forgotten how this nation became independent.

This particular man wants the rich tourists to come here. He doesn't want a hippie looking "Indian" tourist wearing a Nepalese woolen cap. The only thing this man did not realize was that it was the hippies and the ganja smoking, mushroom eating people that allowed him to feed his child milk. Helped them grow from an abandoned little village to a tourist thriving destination.

My Travel Advice: Avoid Vattakanal at all costs. They want it to be like "Ooty" (A commercially spoiled hill station in India).

Poombarai To Mannavannur village

It's been one of the wierdest trips I've ever taken in my life. And I don't mean psychedelic. Losing my bank card, been broke and lost many a times while I had to walk since no buses where around.

From Poombarai village I tracked on mud, water, cow dung and sinking my brand new Woodland shoe completely into these boggy places. Everyone in the village kept telling me it's a 3km track to reach there, a cottage place called Club India. I thought why not? And the track was amazing. Complete strangers guiding you through the way, wanting nothing in return.

 A cow handler giving me directions
 Another guy showing me a cool cave-like entrance
Finally, Club India

Next Day: Munnuvunnur

A trip that still confuses me.Met a man, old and wily. With a wounded leg we traveled after he offered to be my guide and shaman, made me eat "god's flesh" as a welcome treat to as i visited his house.

We got a ride finally from my guides friend as he was passing.

Tourist season -  Buses No

Hiked to a distant village called Palani where the infamous Idukki weed was available. (Apprently).

Me and my guide/shaman Andhi Chaandhi

But it was fun neverthless.

Finally we did a Tri-Ride on a motor bike to Munnuvunnur because of no buses that day. It was a nice ride. A bike is the best way to enjoy the views and nature of the mountains at this region of India

Chilling at my room at Munnuvunnur. Going to be there after the rains in June :D

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Silver Lining

Look around you, don't complain. Be Grateful.

Behind every dark cloud there's a silver lining. No matter how hard the struggle there would be an opportunity to grow as a better human being.

Hope is a strong emotion. Never give up.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Here And Now

Where are you?
Somewhere out there, flying above the sea and tasting the salty breeze. Your hair is waving all over, you can barely open your eyes because you are going in such speed, it was hard to see.


You are not anywhere in your day dreaming episode. You are always here and now. That's what matters. Be in the hear and now, stop analyzing, stop comparing and stop being self-conscious. Be in the here and now, because the only person that matters. Be focused, yet selfless.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A week since the Dragon lost it's claws

Sometimes you just start typing and don't know what to write. Perhaps there is too much to say at once, so we are unable to type it as fast as our brain functions.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The truth, nothing but the truth, so help me dog

I come from a country that have just recently tasted the bitter sweetness of democracy. So before I start this blog I would like to say that politics will not spoil this blog, unlike my previous one.

I have been living in India for about 3 and a half years. Bangalore is known as the garden city, i have managed to adapt here, including my family. And I like it.

The country I once remembered as a child had gone away No bicyclers, no DJ parties with invitational tags, nobody cares about football, now even musicians are all activists as well.

There cannot be black and white justice, the past cannot be mended by revenge or violence. We need a middle ground. A ground of peace, brotherly love and harmony. Then even the toughest army in the world would crumble before them.